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About Hermes Airlines

Hermes Airlines is a leading air transport provider, known for its credibility, efficiency and safety measures. For years, Hermes airlines has been setting standards in aerial transportation, connecting multitude of destinations across the globe. The airline, headquartered in the beautiful city of Athens in Greece, was established in 2011. It focuses on achieving excellence in flights management, customer care services, and in-flight accommodations.

The Fleet and Destination

With a modern fleet of aircrafts, Hermes Airlines aims to deliver a unique flying experience. It consists of an Airbus A321, A320, and A319, each known for its reliability and comfort. With their convenient and efficient air services, they serve numerous destinations including France, UK, Greece, and the Middle East. Their high-quality services and comfortable flying experience have made travel for both business and leisure a pleasure.

Customer Services

Satisfaction of their clients is a top priority at Hermes Airlines. Hence they are continuously updating and improving their customer services. They have a team of experts who are always ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns. The esteemed clients can stay assured of getting timely assistance.

In-flight Services

During the journey, passengers get to experience efficient in-flight services. They are treated to delicious meals, a wide range of beverages, and in-flight entertainment system that ensures a pleasant journey.

Safety Measures

Hermes Airlines ensures the safety and security of all passengers. They strictly follow all the mandatory safety protocols and standards. Regular maintenance and checks of aircrafts are conducted to prevent any potential issues.

Corporate Responsibility

Hermes Airlines is not only committed to providing excellent services, but also significantly contributes towards environment. They consistently work on reducing their ecological footprint and promote sustainable practices. In conclusion, Hermes Airlines shows that they clearly understand what matters the most - high-quality customer service, strong commitment to safety, stunning in-flight experience, and responsibility towards environment. Their constant improvement and innovation are what sets Hermes Airlines apart in the world of aerial transportation. Whether one is travelling for business or leisure, Hermes Airlines ensures they reach their destination comfortably and efficiently. It is indeed an airline that values its customers and their experiences.

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